Hospital Materials Management Vision Study
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Healthcare Horizons: Navigating the Future of Inventory Intelligence

Explore the trends and breakthroughs poised to redefine hospital materials management. Learn how non-clinical decision-makers envision the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics and their role in improving inventory visibility and availability of critical supplies, setting the stage for optimal patient care. 

Healthcare Horizons: Navigating the Future of Inventory Intelligence


Acute-care hospitals are increasingly depending on inventory intelligence to drive healthcare operational efficiencies and effectiveness. Insights from materials management decision-makers from large U.S. and U.K. hospitals highlight the significant role of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and internet of things (IoT) in fostering patient safety, clinical efficiencies and productivity, and overall operational excellence. These experienced views reveal how integrating advanced technologies with their enterprise systems can provide them with data-led tactics to support their quest for compelling and positive advancements in inventory accuracy and visibility.


  1. Explore the critical role of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in hospital materials management.
  2. Investigate how decision-makers plan to use technology for precise inventory control and operational enhancement.
  3. Understand the role of data analytics in guiding healthcare systems toward improved inventory management efficiencies and enhanced patient care. 
  4. Discover decision-makers’ perspectives on using AI and predictive and prescriptive analytics with enterprise systems to improve inventory accuracy and visibility. 
Content Type
Vision Study Report
Read Time

6-9 minutes

  • Insights on AI and analytics in hospital materials management.
  • Trends in predictive and prescriptive analytics integration for inventory management efficiency. 
  • Impact of technology on inventory visibility and decision-making processes. 
  • Correlation of data-driven insights with resource allocation and patient demand.
  • Perspectives on enterprise software solutions for inventory accuracy and visibility advancement.



of decision-makers agree artificial intelligence would improve inventory visibility and accuracy.



of decision-makers agree the use of data and analytics to forecast demand and achieve appropriate stock levels is a priority for their organization.



of respondents report their organization has implemented or plans to implement artificial intelligence by 2029.

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