Hospital Materials Management Vision Study
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Unmasking Complexity: Elevating Healthcare with Strategic Supply Management

Delve into non-clinical decision-makers’ perceptions of the heightened pressures of hospital materials management and its role in delivering optimal patient care, the inherent challenges, and the breakthroughs forging a new path in inventory precision.

Unmasking Complexity: Elevating Healthcare with Strategic Supply Management


Navigate the complexities of materials management in large acute-care hospitals.  Discover key insights from U.S. and U.K. decision-makers charged with managing everything from everyday consumables to complex medical equipment. Performing vital roles, these leaders highlight ongoing challenges in their efforts to enhance clinical operations, safeguard patient well-being, and deploy innovative technologies to ensure seamless inventory visibility, reduce errors and forecast future needs. Uncover the compelling discussions reshaping the landscape of healthcare efficiency.


  1. Explore operational challenges and technology obstacles driving innovation in hospital materials management.
  2. Identify areas where decision-makers see opportunities for process improvements to optimize hospital inventory and materials management.
  3. Discover the critical workflow issues that hinder the achievement of seamless inventory accuracy .
  4. Gain insights from respondents on the positive impact of digitizing inventory and materials management.    
Content Type
Vision Study Report
Read Time

6-9 minutes

  • The impact of materials management on hospital efficiency and patient safety. 
  • Key challenges of managing vast categories of inventory and assets in hospitals. 
  • The role of technology in enhancing inventory accuracy and decision-making.
  • The consequences of inefficiencies in inventory management practices and the push for automated tracking of supply location and usage.



of decision-makers report facing intense pressure to update and digitize inventory management and tracking systems.



of decision-makers cite timely and accurate asset recalls as the top benefit of digitizing inventory management.



of respondents recognize that their role in tracking and managing hospital inventory directly impacts patient safety.

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