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Workcloud Workforce Optimisation Suite​

Optimise labour costs, empower employees, improve productivity, and maintain compliance. Create an agile operation that aligns scheduling to forecasted customer demand and execute real-time, prioritised tasks to drive sales and satisfied customers.

Workcloud Workforce Optimisation Suite

Optimise Scheduling. Raise Productivity. Engage Customers.

Manage your workforce with agility. Use the power and insight of AI to increase retention, elevate execution, ensure compliance and dynamically adjust plans to last-minute changes and customer demand.

Schedule Smarter
Schedule Smarter

Optimise budgeting, forecasting, and scheduling to empower your employees and manage workforce costs. Share resources across locations, departments, and roles, aligning schedules with customer traffic and employee skills, certifications, and preferences.​

Accelerate Task Execution. Elevate Operations.​
Accelerate Task Execution. Elevate Operations.​

Simplify work and streamline task execution for a more efficient, higher performing operation. Empower employees to complete their work with confidence and succeed in their roles with a clear understanding of tasks and directives.​

Track Time, Attendance, and Labour Compliance
Track Time, Attendance, and Labour Compliance

Keep your employees and your operations compliant while optimising timekeeping. Track time entry and labour to control costs and maintain compliance with labour laws and regulations.​

How It Works

Workcloud Workforce Optimisation Suite

Select the solution that can transform your workforce optimisation process—and positively impact your entire operation. Powerful on their own, these solutions simplify workforce and task management and better connect the front line to work as a team. Together, they’re unmatched—transforming your operation and unlocking your productivity potential.

Software Solution

Workcloud Scheduling

Optimise budgeting, forecasting and scheduling to empower your employees, improve efficiencies and manage costs. Empower teams with control over their schedules and ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time, creating a more flexibile workforce that is better able to adapt to change and serve customers.

Software Solution

Workcloud Task Management

Send automatic task assignments, prioritised based on corporate initiatives and real-time data, directly to front-line team members. Ensure teams complete what needs to be done first with instant completion notifications. Get everything your employees need to enhance execution, including on-site walks and audits, standardised checklists and more.

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Software Solution

Workcloud Timekeeping

Keep employees and operations compliant while optimising timekeeping. Track time entry and labour to control costs and maintain compliance with laws and regulations. Prioritise employee safety with touchless clocking. Maximise productivity with accurate attendance records and real-time visibility across the enterprise.


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