Hospital Materials Management Vision Study
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Healthcare’s Digital Pulse: Elevating Precision in Inventory Management

Gain critical insights from decision-makers responsible for managing materials and supplies used to treat and care for patients from emergency and surgery to bedside recovery. Understand their vision for a tech-empowered future that enhances safety and the quality of patient care.

Healthcare’s Digital Pulse: Elevating Precision in Inventory Management


Gain perspectives on the evolution of inventory management in large acute-care hospitals in the U.S. and U.K. as seen through the lens of decision-makers responsible for these operations. Understand their insights on managing essential materials, from medical supplies and equipment to pharmaceuticals. Delve into the critical role technology plays in providing real-time visibility for determining location and use of medical supplies and equipment to increasing operational efficiency and patient safety. Survey the wide range of obstacles and perceived benefits of digitizing inventory and materials management operations and the technologies that are expected to drive innovation. 


  1. Examine the key benefits and essential elements decision-makers associate with a high-performing inventory and materials management process. 
  2. Uncover the key barriers impacting decision-makers in their quest to digitize inventory management.  
  3. Explore how technology innovations such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time location systems (RTLS) are planned to elevate inventory accuracy and visibility.
  4. Get clinical leadership perspectives on the urgency to add more automation to tracking and managing hospital materials to preserve clinicians’ time for patient care.
Content Type
Vision Study Report
Read Time

6-9 minutes

  • The power of efficient materials management processes in hospitals.
  • Barriers to digitizing inventory management in acute-care settings. 
  • Essential elements for high-performing inventory management processes. 
  • Technologies and devices that are expected to improve inventory accuracy and visibility. 
  • Implementation plans for new technology in hospitals to enhance inventory visibility and materials management.



of decision-makers highlight the lack of correct or appropriate IT infrastructure as a barrier to digitizing inventory management.



of decision-makers identify data-driven dashboards that provide real-time inventory status as essential to high-performing inventory and materials management processes.



 of decision-makers agree that the combined use of barcode technology and RFID to track and manage inventory would significantly help prevent and reduce medical errors.

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