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Workcloud Inventory Visibility

Move away from third-party inventory services and achieve 25–50% in cost savings when you perform your own physical inventory counts. With meticulous guidance at every step, Workcloud Inventory Visibility, formerly Smartcount, makes it easier to plan, faster to execute and much more accurate.

Accurate Counts Your Way

Improve Schedule Flexibility
Improve Schedule Flexibility

Take control of your inventory events when you schedule them on your terms and timelines and with your own associates. Make schedule changes when you need them, avoiding the hassle and complexity that come with third-party services.

Boost Inventory Accuracy
Boost Inventory Accuracy

Your teams know your inventory best. Put counts in their hands and automate data capture for more accurate counts, better in-stock ratios and faster fulfilment rates. Your workflows will be more efficient and your sales will increase.

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

Save money on third-party fees and reduce the redundancy of checking work when you use your own labour for physical inventory counts. Workcloud Inventory Visibility empowers associates to take control of inventory, improving accuracy and driving cost savings.

Gain More Control
Gain More Control

End the frustration of working with unreliable third-party vendors. Control counting events with your own teams and forget worrying about vendors cancelling or showing up short-staffed.

Reopen Faster
Reopen Faster

Remove the need to set up or clean up after third-party vendors. Return to routine operations faster and with less disruption so your stores can re-open quickly and your employees can spend more time with customers.

Reduce Risks
Reduce Risks

Protect staff by limiting outside labour and relying on internal teams who know to follow your company’s health and safety guidelines, reducing risks for your employees and your business.

Control Shrink and Loss
Control Shrink and Loss

Identify which store is in trouble and exactly where theft and fraud occur with real-time visibility of inventory counts per SKU.

Monitor Leaks from All Sources
Monitor Leaks from All Sources

Keep accurate tabs on inventory to avoid losing dollars from lost, damaged or stolen merchandise and prioritise corrective actions with a customisable dashboard of available reports.

Keep the Store Secure
Keep the Store Secure

Reduce security risks by relying on your own trusted teams rather than unvetted third-party temps for any and all counting events.

Make It Accurate. Make It Count.

Physical, Wall-to-Wall Inventory

Do Your Own Counts with Support

A self-scan model delivers much greater inventory accuracy compared with third-party vendors. It’s also easier to plan for and manage since you aren’t depending on another company—and a lot more cost-effective. Receive expert support at every step and address any issues that arise with safeguards and audit trails.

  • Realise Impressive Savings

    Avoid rising fees and disruptive cancelations when you use your own staff to conduct counts. You’ll save 25–50% on costs and forgo the time-consuming redundancy of rechecking the external vendor’s work.

  • Count without Delay

    Start counting right away with fast implementation. Workcloud Inventory Visibility is a turnkey and intuitive solution that’s ready to deploy right from the box.

  • Experience Superior Service

    Benefit from meticulous guidance, 24/7 help desk assistance, staff training and the expertise that comes with 40 years of experience helping thousands of customers successfully integrate Workcloud Inventory Visibility into their existing workflows.

  • Gain Real-Time Visibility

    See inventory in real time as counts happen. Make the best corrective decision when you’re armed with accurate and up-to-the-minute counts.

  • Improve Accountability

    Hold your own teams responsible. Link inventory counts to performance to drive employee investment in counting events and store success.

  • Personalise Reports

    Ensure the right information is in the right hands, instantly. Customisable dashboards and portals provide inventory counts as they happen, generating reports tailored to specific roles.

  • Choose from Flexible Options

    Run Workcloud Inventory Visibility on your own Zebra devices or rent them from Zebra for the duration of your counting event.

  • Trust Your Results

    Workcloud Inventory Visibility is SSAE 18 certified and approved by major auditing firms.

Targeted Cycle Counts

Know Your Inventory Levels at All Times

Perform cycle counts as often as you need so you always know what you have and where you have it. Workcloud Inventory Visibility is simple to use, effective and expertly designed so you can deliver what your customers want.

  • Perform Frequent Counts

    Conduct directed counting based on your needs. Supplement your annual wall-to-wall inventory counts with frequent cycle counts to maintain inventory accuracy.

  • Tailor to Your Needs

    Target particular areas of your store and alter counts as needed based on inventory type, turnover rates, shrink rates, seasonal changes and more.

  • Obtain Quick, Accurate Information

    Access the information you need quickly using the integrated analytics dashboard with filters. Data capture gives you accurate intelligence tailored to your software, while secure confirmation eliminates the need for guesswork or cross-checking.

  • Execute Counts Right Away

    Conduct counts immediately with quick, seamless implementation on your own Zebra device or right from a kit. Skip additional training by using the same solution for all your inventory events.

Retail Returns Management

The Smart Way to Do Returns

Stay on top of returns with a turnkey solution that has everything you need inside one kit. Buy or rent as you need, and see an immediate increase in productivity, a reduction of errors and a significant impact on your bottom line.

  • Simplify Returns

    Make returns management easy. Enjoy a solution made purposefully for returns management that works to prepare you and your stores for the age of buy, try and return.

  • Experience the Easy, Turnkey Solution

    Open one kit to find all the hardware and software you need to manage rising return volume. It’s ready to work for you right away.

  • Capture Data Accurately

    Scan multiple barcodes at once, no matter their condition, with speed and accuracy.

  • Accelerate Processes

    Save time and reduce errors by printing labels on the spot. Colour code labels to speed-up sorting processes.

  • Leverage Analytics

    View return statuses instantly and identify shrink and trends with actionable data you can use to elevate operations.

  • Experience Cost-Saving Convenience

    Pay one predictable monthly fee for three services in one bundle: device, software and solution-as-a-service. Plus, receive the onboarding, training and continuous support and software updates you need to perform inventory counts yourself.

Trailer Tracking

Gain Better Visibility into Your Inventory

With Zebra Workcloud Inventory Visibility Trailer Tracking, understand when shipments depart and arrive at your locations. Use barcoded trailer seals and customised reporting to better understand the movement of your inventory and improve inventory management processes.

  • Gain Greater Visibility

    Scan barcoded trailer seals on shipment arrival to gain visibility into when and where late shipments occur

  • Utilise Analytics and Reporting

    Gain actionable insights into inventory trends to understand where to make improvements

  • Track Shipments Across Multiple Destinations

    Scan and replace trailer seals as they stop at service centres and multiple stores to understand where your shipments run into problems

Trucks were lighter due to only replenishing what needed replenishing and not filled with duplicate merchandise that had been miscounted. Negative on hand report was smaller.

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Recognising Zebra

Partner with an industry leader with more than 50 years of field-proven expertise.

2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard
2023 RIS Software LeaderBoard

Zebra was voted a top software vendor across 24 categories. Additionally, Zebra moved up one spot from last year to sixth best overall in the prestigious Top 20 category, marking its fourth consecutive year in the Top 10.

Fast Company’s 2022 Best Workplaces for Innovators
Fast Company’s 2022 Best Workplaces for Innovators

Zebra Technologies has been ranked in the top 50 of Fast Company’s 2022 Best Workplaces for Innovators list. Zebra was recognised for its volunteer work helping STEM students integrate tech into their robotics projects.

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