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ET40-HC/ET45-HC Tablet

Built to meet the demands of healthcare — and your budget

Consumer-grade tablets might appear to be a cost-effective option to improve staff efficiency, care quality and the patient experience — but the lack of healthcare features adds cost and safety concerns. The inability to disinfect devices enables the spread of germs. You’ll need to purchase scanners to capture barcodes — and more frequent replacement devices due to lack of durability. Introducing the ET40-HC and ET45-HC, offering all the enterprise healthcare features you need, all at the right price. A rugged design built to last for years — and handle constant disinfecting. An emergency alert button. Built-in first-time every time scanning. Advanced processing power and wireless connections — including 5G and Wi-Fi 6. And more. And these versatile tablets are at home everywhere — in the hands of caregivers in acute settings and patient homes, at bedside in patient rooms and in reception areas as check-in kiosks. Help your caregivers work at the top of their license with the ET4x-HC Series — the right priced rugged tablets built for healthcare.

ET40-HC/ET45-HC Healthcare Tablet Spec Sheet Product Photo

Built for healthcare from the inside out

Disinfect after every use

The advanced medical grade plastics in the housing enable frequent cleaning with some of the harshest disinfectants to help prevent the spread of germs between caregivers and patients.

Rugged and built to last for years

Get the reliable operation that the mission critical world of healthcare demands. Drop it on the floor. Use it inside and outside, in extreme heat or subzero temperatures, out in the rain or snow — it still works.

Dedicated emergency alert button

The fully programmable red alert button can be configured to call a specific first responder, such as security or a nurse, or launch an app to follow protocols in the event of a medical emergency.

A large high-resolution screen to see and do it all

Easily view all the details in patient health records with less scrolling and edit medical reports on the large 10.1 inch bright display. And the high resolution screen makes it easy to read text and see the finest details of a photo.

The fastest wireless connections for unmatched performance

These tablets are the only ones in their class to offer the fastest Wi-Fi and cellular speeds. The ET40-HC with Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for caregivers who work inside your facility, while the ET45-HC with 5G and Wi-Fi 6 keeps in-home caregivers out in the field connected. The only device in its class to offer Bluetooth 5.1, these tablets enable pinpoint locationing within an inch — ideal for staff location in the event of emergency. In addition, connections are faster, easier, interference-free and lower-power, enabling the creation of a robust ‘all-wireless’ solution that can include cordless headsets, printers and more. And create a private LTE network to enable cost-effective wireless connectivity for large campus style environments with support for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).1

Dependable power — every minute of every shift

The extra-high-capacity PowerPrecision battery keeps tablets up and running — and provides the intelligence to easily spot and discard unhealthy batteries that no longer hold a full charge.

Get the tablets that are built to meet the demands of healthcare — and your budget.

For more information, please visit

Tailor your tablet for every job with a complete accessory family

Get everything you need to make these tablets easier to carry and more versatile. The multi-slot and desktop charging cradles simplify backroom device management. A handstrap enhances portability. Mount the tablets anywhere with VESA mounts — including at patient bedside and on Workstation on Wheels carts. Create a workstation on a desk or on a cart on demand with the Workstation Connect Cradle and software.3 And create a kiosk for self check-in, registration and more with the Presentation stand.

Guaranteed availability and support

These models are available for three years from initial sale date, ensuring that the devices you purchase today will be available tomorrow. The result? Fewer models to manage, less management time and cost. Since service is available for a guaranteed six years from the initial sale date, you can count on support every day your tablets are in use. Maximize uptime with Zebra’s exceptional support services. Zebra OneCareTM Essential or Select cover everything, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage. And options allow you to customize services to meet your specific needs.

Powerful data capture — and new communication options

Integrated world-class scanning

Error-proof patient identification, medication administration and more with the scanning performance that has made Zebra the market leader — split-second first time capture of virtually every barcode in practically any condition.

Ultra-high resolution photos

In-home caregivers can take sharp, detailed photographs to document wound healing and more.

Improve collaboration and care quality with video calls

Enable faster issue resolution and more personalized care with video calls. For example, a telehealth video appointment provides a better experience than a phone call for both patient and physician. And a video visit is the next best thing for bed-bound at-risk patients that can’t have visitors.

Turn your tablets into two-way walkie talkies that work everywhere

Optional Workcloud Commmunication Push-to-Talk (PTT) Express enables instant PTT walkie-talkie style calls over your Wi-Fi network, right out of the box. Out in the field, optional Workcloud Commmunication PTT Pro enables PTT calling and secure text

messaging over the cellular network through an easy-to-deploy cost-effective subscription service.2 And you can create a simple user experience—just dedicate one of the programmable side buttons to PTT.

Turn your tablets into PBX handsets

Add fully-featured PBX handset functionality with Zebra Workcloud Communication Enterprise Voice.2 Caregivers no longer need to carry and manage a separate voice device. You no longer need to purchase and manage PBX handsets. And a custom interface makes it easy to execute even the most complex telephony features.

Unleash the potential of your tablets and your caregivers with Zebra Mobility DNATM

Get a built-in advantage with complimentary Zebra Mobility DNA Professional tools

Powerful pre-installed Mobility DNA tools are ready to use at no cost. Add powerful enterprise features to standard Android with Mobility Extensions (Mx) — choose from over a hundred features to increase security, improve device manageability and more. Stage a handful or thousands of devices for use in seconds with StageNow. Control the applications and device features workers can access with Enterprise Home Screen — no developer required. Enter barcodes into your apps right out of the box with DataWedge — no programming required. Integrate all the features of your tablets into your apps with Zebra’s Enterprise Mobility Development ToolKit (EMDK). Control the GMS apps and services that are available on your tablets with GMS Restricted Mode. Automatically enable EMM support for every feature in your tablet with OEM Config. Collect targeted diagnostics for easier troubleshooting with RxLogger. And test all main tablet systems with the press of a button with Device Diagnostics to prevent unnecessary, costly trips to the repair center.

Maximize tablet functionality and workforce productivity with optional Mobility DNA Enterprise

Unlock more tools to greatly improve the user experience and workforce efficiency with this optional license. Simultaneously capture up to 100 barcodes, even on multiple labels, with a single scan. In one button press, capture and crop a document image, optionally capture a barcode — and even detect signature presence to ensure a form was signed. Enable faster data entry with a customized soft keyboard tailored for your data types. Enable workers to easily manage all of their Bluetooth accessories. Give workers unsurpassed ‘won’t drop’ wired style Wi-Fi connections every minute of every shift. And more.


Physical Characteristics


10.15 in. L x 6.41 in. H x 0.45 in. D
257.9 mm L x 162.9 mm H x 11.4 mm D

Weight1.54 lbs/699 g
Display10.1 inch/25.7 cm: 500 nits, color WUXGA
1920x1200; Corning® Gorilla® Glass
HousingAdvanced disinfectant-ready plastics
Imager WindowCorning Gorilla Glass
Touch PanelCapacitive multi-touch

Docking connector (charge and data)
USB-C side port with protective cover (charge and data)

SIM Slots1 nano SIM
NotificationsAudible tone; multi-color LEDs; vibration
Keyboard OptionsVirtual, Bluetooth, USB
AudioStereo speakers; two microphones; audio headset support via USB-C port or Bluetooth
ButtonsVolume up/down; power on/off; barcode scanner; red alert button; programmable buttons

Performance Characteristics


Qualcomm SnapdragonTM SM6375
Octa-Core (8): 2.2 GHz (2) and 1.8 GHz (6)

Operating SystemUpgradeable to Android 14
Memory4 GB LPDDR4X SDRAM/64 GB UFS Flash

General Certifications


User Environment

Operating Temp.-4°F to 122°F/-20°C to 50°C
Storage Temp.-40°F to 158°F/-40°C to 70°C
Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
Drop Specifications3.3 ft./1.0 m to vinyl tile over concrete per MIL-STD-810H
VibrationSine: 4 g’s PK(5 Hz to 2 kHz); Random: 6 g RMS (20 Hz to 2 kHz); 60 minute duration per axis, 3 axis

Discharge (ESD)

+/- 15 kV air discharge; +/- 8 kV contact; +/- 8 kV indirect


Battery7600 mAh 3.87 V rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer;
user replaceable (29.41 Wh)

Interactive Sensor Technology (IST)

Ambient Light SensorAutomatically adjusts display brightness and display backlight
MagnetometereCompass automatically detects direction and orientation
Motion Sensor3-axis gyroscope; 3-axis accelerometer

Data Capture

ScanningSE4100 1D/2D Scan Engine
Rear CameraImage capture: 13 MP auto-focus camera with user controllable LED flash
Front Camera5 MP

Wireless Communications

Wi-Fi (WLAN)

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/r/k/v/w/mc/ax
2x2 MU-MIMO; Wi-Fi® certified; IPv4, IPv6 (Wi-Fi 6)

Cellular (ET45 only)
(WWAN Data Only)

5G (North America, Rest of World)
Global LTE (North America, Rest of World)
3G, 2G (Rest of World)
North America 5G, LTE: AT&T and Verizon

Bluetooth (WPAN)Bluetooth v5.1 / 2.1+EDR Class 2 (Bluetooth LE)

GNSS supports GPS, Galileo, Beidou, Glonass.
Dual Band (L1+L5)


Reader/Writer: ISO 14443 Type A and B, ECP, MIFARE, FeliCa®, ISO 15693, NFC Forum Tag Types 1 to 5; Host Card Emulation
Support for Apple Pay VAS/Google SmartTap, NFC Forum Certified

Wireless LAN

Data Rates

5 GHz: 802.11a/n/ac/ax - 20 MHz, 40 MHz, 80 MHz
- up to 1201 Mbps
2.4 GHz: 802.11b/g/n/ax - 20 MHz - up to
286.8 Mbps

Operating Channels

Channel 1-13 (2412-2472 MHz):


Channel 36-165 (5180-5825 MHz): 36,40,44,48,52,

Channel Bandwidth: 20, 40, 80 MHz

Actual operating channels/frequencies and
bandwidths depend upon regulatory rules and
certification agency

Security and

WEP (40 or 104 bit); WPA/WPA2 Personal (TKIP,
and AES); WPA3 Personal (SAE); WPA/WPA2
Enterprise (TKIP and AES); WPA3 Enterprise (AES)
and EAP-PWD; WPA3 Enterprise 192-bit mode
(GCMP256) - EAP-TLS; Enhanced Open (OWE)


Wi-Fi Alliance Certifications:
CERTIFIED 6 ; Wi-Fi Enhanced Open; WPA2-
Personal; WPA2-Enterprise; WPA3-Personal;
WPA3-Enterprise (includes 192-bit mode);
Protected Management Frames; Wi-Fi Agile
Multiband; WMM; Wi-Fi Direct

Fast RoamPMKID caching; 802.11r (Over-the-Air); OKC

Wireless PAN


Bluetooth v5.1 Class 2, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


For Regulatory information, please visit


Subject to the terms of Zebra’s hardware warranty statement, the ET40-HC/ET45-HC Enterprise Tablets are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 (one) year from the date of shipment. For complete warranty statement, go to:

Recommended Services

Zebra OneCareTM Essential and Select support services; Zebra Visibility Services — VisibilityIQ™ Foresight

For information on Zebra services, please visit


1. CBRS is available in the U.S. only.
2. Mobility DNA Enterprise license required.
3. Workstation Connect software included with Mobility DNA Enterprise license, but requires the purchase of Workstation Connect hardware.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Mobility DNA

Mobility DNA solutions help you get more value out of our mobile computers by adding functionality as well as simplifying deployment and management of our mobile devices. For more information on these Zebra-only features, please visit

Mobility DNA is available on Android only. Mobility DNA Professional integrated solutions are preloaded and pre-licensed, provided at no cost. To take advantage of the complete Mobility DNA offerings for the ET40-HC/ET45-HC, a Mobility DNA Enterprise license is required. For more information about Mobility DNA tools, please visit the Mobility DNA Value Tier Kit home page:

ET40-HC/ET45-HC Healthcare Tablet DNA Mobility Icons: DataWedge, Device Diagnostics, EMDK, Enterprise Home Screen, GMS Restricted Mode, Mx Mobility Extensions, OEM Config, Rx Logger, StageNow

Markets and Applications


  • Acute care: hospitals and clinics
  • Non-acute care: ambulatory centers

Use cases

  • Tele-health
  • Video conferencing
  • Patient monitoring
  • In-home caregivers
  • Patient engagement at bedside
  • Patient entertainment
  • Patient identification
  • Patient self check-in/registration
  • Medication/specimen collection verification
  • Staff management
  • Staff communication (via instant push-to-talk and secure messaging)
  • Computer-on-wheels/workstation-on-wheels applications

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