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General Purpose Handheld Scanners

CS60 Series 1D/2D Companion Scanners


CS60, CS60-HC

Ultra-Versatile With a First-of-Its-Kind Convertible Design
The ultra-versatile CS60/CS60-HC Series Companion Scanner adapts to any workflow and offers compact scanning at the checkout counter and self-service kiosk, and in any clinician workflow at the pharmacy counter, lab station and more. Its groundbreaking design easily converts between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free, as your needs change for superior investment protection.

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Benefits of the CS60 Series

Zebra CS60 barcode scanner for retail is hanging from the neck of a grocery store worker who is stocking cans on shelves
Adapts to Any Workflow
Adapts to Any Workflow

As a cordless scanner, the CS60 is small enough to tuck in a pocket or wear on a lanyard. And as a corded scanner, the CS60 enables scanning for the checkout counter or self-service kiosk. Whether you purchase a corded or cordless model up front, you can change modes at any time.

Zebra CS60 barcode scanner for healthcare is resting behind a monitor in a hospital
Purpose Built for Healthcare
Purpose Built for Healthcare

Thanks to a safe LED aimer, night mode and an IP65 sealed disinfectant-ready housing with a crevice-free surface that helps eliminate places where germs can hide, the CS60-HC is designed to be used throughout the whole hospital including the NICU, labour and delivery and mother-baby units.

Grocery store worker uses the Zebra CS60 retail interactive kiosk to scan the barcode of a product
Cutting-Edge Mobility
Cutting-Edge Mobility

With Qi inductive charging, split-second NFC tap-to-pair, Bluetooth 5.0 with Wi-Fi friendly mode, an 18-hour battery and Virtual Tether anti-loss functionality, the cordless CS60 is pocketable and wearable when mobility is essential.

DataCapture DNA - Your Scanner's Built in Advantage

Scan with abilities developed and continuously refined by a partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers. That’s why we’ve engineered into all our scanners Zebra DataCapture DNA—a suite of software capabilities to help your team adapt to future needs and achieve greater business outcomes.

Additional Software Features

Virtual Tether
Virtual Tether

With Virtual Tether, both the Zebra scanner and cradle will alert users when a scanner is taken beyond its Bluetooth range or left off the charger for a predefined length of time.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite
Blood Bag Parse+
Blood Bag Parse+

Blood Bag Parse+ makes it easy to capture the data required on every blood bag — from blood type and date of donation to location, expiration date, and more.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite
UDI Scan+
UDI Scan+

Zebra's UDI Scan+ software accurately captures Unique Device Identification data helping you to comply with traceability requirements in healthcare.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite


Realise the full potential of your Zebra devices with convenient and affordable accessories.


The IntelliStand increases application flexibility by providing a hands-free option.


Comfortably wear the CS60 Series on a neck lanyard or belt loop. Includes silicon protector.

Zebra CS60-HC Series portable scanner resting on cradle with scanner in the upside down position, cordless, white, right facing
Healthcare Mountable Presentation Cradle

The presentation cradle delivers Bluetooth® communication and inductive charging capability with the convenience of mounting on a workstation on wheels.


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