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Ready-To-Use Indicators

Freeze Indicators

FREEZEmarker®, manufactured by Temptime®, is a single-use indicator that monitors exposure to freeze events. It provides an easy-to-read, irreversible visual signal when a freeze event at or below the response temperature occurs. 

Gauge Exposure to Freeze Events With Easy-To-Read Indicators

FREEZEmarkers display a clearly visible green circle and white checkmark to indicate when temperatures are above the response temperature. When exposed to temperatures at or below the response temperature, the green circle turns partially or completely white, obscuring the white checkmark, to warn that the temperature limit has been exceeded and the endpoint reached.

Ensure Customer Confidence
Ensure Customer Confidence

FREEZEmarker from Zebra is an easy-to-understand, visual, freeze event indicator. It helps identify when freeze sensitive items have been exposed to a potentially damaging temperature event.

Save Costs Associated With Reships
Save Costs Associated With Reships

FREEZEmarker and TransTracker® work together to help you save costs associated with reships. Protect your margins from re-shipments of products where there is uncertainty if the product has been exposed to damaging freeze events during cold chain transport or storage.

Customise Your Solution
Customise Your Solution

Zebra freeze indicators come in several different response temperatures allowing a broad range of freeze events to be identified. They can also be branded and placed inside multiple unit secondary packages or shipping boxes with consumer information included.

Freeze Indicator


FREEZEmarker is a self-adhesive, single-use freeze indicator that can be applied directly to product surfaces or packaging. FREEZEmarkers provide a visual warning within 30 minutes of a freeze event.

Shipment Temperature Monitors

TransTracker with FREEZEmarker

TransTracker with FREEZEmarker indicator can be placed in the packaging to monitor freeze events during shipping. The card includes an interpretation key for reading the indicator and can be customised with branding and consumer information specific to your use case.

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