Vision Study Series

Meeting Retail’s Modern-Day Mandate: New Fundamentals for Tomorrow’s Priorities

Go deeper into the results from Zebra's 16th Annual Global Shopper Study Series with this dedicated report that delves into decision-makers' insights on technology integration for increased inventory visibility, operational excellence and profitability. 

Meeting Retail’s Modern-Day Mandate: New Fundamentals for Tomorrow’s Priorities


Retail decision-makers continue to be confronted with staffing, inventory and profitability challenges across the globe. Discover some of the top challenges disrupting retailers and gain insights into the technology upgrades and uses for analytics decision-makers have planned to address them. This report makes the connection between these technology trends, retailers' priorities, and their overall desires for increased customer satisfaction, inventory visibility, streamlined omnichannel fulfillment and reduced profit loss and shrink. 



  1. Discover the headwinds confronting retail decision-makers.
  2. Learn how retailers are tackling inventory visibility challenges to boost customer satisfaction.
  3. Explore where decision-makers are feeling increased pressures in their omnichannel operations and their efforts to streamline fulfillment.
  4. Gain insights into the digital intelligence and analytics tools decision-makers have planned on their five-year horizon to address challenges in new ways.
Content Type
Vision Study Report
Read Time

6-9 minutes

  • Confronting challenges of real-time inventory visibility, minimizing fraud and shrink, in addition to managing omnichannel returns and shopping.
  • Making the connection between physical and digital shopping, technology choices to improve customer experience.
  • Exploring artificial intelligence's place in retail and decision-makers' insights on implementing digital intelligence and analytics.



of decision-makers indicate that there is high pressure to manage online returns more efficiently and say it is a top priority.



of decision-makers agree their company needs better inventory management tools to improve accuracy and availability, a 6% increase YoY. 



of decision-makers plan to implement business intelligence/analytics to address loss prevention within five years.

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