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Support for Machine Vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) Products

Welcome, Zebra Machine Vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) product customers!

The following provides guidance on changes made and how to navigate to information that was moved from the former Matrox Imaging Support website to

Technical support is available for registered users of Zebra machine vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) products.

Please register your software before requesting technical support. 

Note: MIL-Lite X users can access one year of free technical support, with further paid options available.

For registered users, the following options are available to request technical support.

Option 1:

Submit a Technical Support Request Online

Access the Contact Us Form to submit a request for technical support. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions to help us troubleshoot your issue.

Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email confirmation, and your request will be assigned a case number for tracking. A Zebra Support representative will follow up with you by phone or email to help you with your inquiry.

Option 2:

Contact Technical Support by Phone at 514 - 822 - 6061

Zebra Support representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9 am – 5 pm EST

Option 3:

Alternatively, you may contact a Zebra Industrial Automation Partner for support.

Locate a Zebra Partner.

Effective Monday, October 16, 2023, you will have a new way to request repairs for malfunctioning Zebra machine vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) product(s) and new in-region locations where you will send your malfunctioning product(s).

Note, please continue to follow current process for repairs until the close of business, Friday, October 13. Any repairs requested through Matrox Imaging will be completed by Matrox Imaging and sent back to you. 

Options for Repair

Zebra offers repair service for both in-warranty and out of warranty products.

  • In-Warranty Repair: Zebra will validate that your malfunctioning product is in-warranty and will provide you with a repair authorization number for you to use when returning your malfunctioning product for repair.
  • Out of Warranty Repair: Zebra will validate that your malfunctioning product is out of warranty and will quote you the cost to repair your product. If you choose to proceed with the repair you will need to provide a method of payment (payment options vary by region and customer type), to pay for the repair. Once you have provided your payment method, we will provide you with a repair authorization number for you to use when returning your malfunctioning product for repair.
  • Payment Methods for Out of Warranty Repair: Customers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and North America (NA) have the option to pay by credit card or by purchase order, if the customer has a financial relationship with Zebra. Customers located in Asia Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LA) can only pay by purchase order. In this scenario, customers must have a financial relationship with Zebra.

How to Request to Repair

  • Requests for repair should be submitted using Zebra’s Repair Order Portal (ROP), our online repair request system.
  • Alternatively, you can contact Zebra’s Repair Help Desk team using the contact number most convenient for you based on your location for assistance to create a repair request.
  • Once you have submitted a repair request, you will receive a separate automated email with your repair authorization number from our system mailbox, with attached shipping instructions.
  • Repair requests for malfunctioning dongles can not be submitted using the Zebra Repair Order Portal. You must first contact the FrontLine Support Team, who will troubleshoot the issue with the dongle and provide direction to resolve the issue.
  • Note, the Repair Order Portal cannot be used to submit a request for a return for credit or notify Zebra of a dead on arrival product.

Learn How to Use the Repair Order Portal

Zebra offers multiple resources to help you get the most from this powerful tool.

  • Visit our portal’s Repair Guides on for video demonstrations and how-to guides to help you utilize the tool.
  • In addition, you can read more about the portal’s features and benefits here.

Accessing the Repair Order Portal on October 16, 2023

  • If you have requested a repair from Matrox Imaging from January 2021 through June 2023, you have been granted access to Zebra’s Repair Order Portal. On October 16, you will receive a notification from Zebra confirming your access to the Repair Order Portal with instructions for how to log-in.
  • If you have never submitted a request for a repair or submitted a request prior to January 2021, you must request access.

1. If you are a member of PartnerConnect, please contact your Partner Administrator, who will grant you access so that you can use the Repair Order Portal. If you do not know who your Partner Administrator is, please contact the Partner Interaction Center (PIC) in your region for this information: Asia Pacific Region PICEurope, Middle East, and Africa PICLatin America PIC; and North America PIC.

2. If you are a Partner Administrator, visit the Partner Administration Tool to request access to Zebra applications and manage user access for those in your organization.

3. If you are a direct end customer, please click here and follow the steps to register for the Repair Order Portal. 

Sending Your Malfunctioning Product to Zebra Repair

  • You must submit a repair authorization request prior to sending your malfunctioning product to Zebra for repair.
  • Once you have submitted your repair request, follow the shipping instructions provided in the automated email from our Zebra system mailbox.
  • You will send your malfunctioning product(s) to an in-region Zebra facility, where the repair will be processed and sent onto Matrox Imaging for repair.
  • The location where you will send your malfunctioning product(s) is outlined on the repair acknowledgment/shipping manifest document, which is sent by email after your repair request has been processed.
  • Upon repair completion, your repaired product will be returned to you from the in-region Zebra facility.

Register Software
Visit the Register Software page, now on, to register your Aurora Design Assistant (formerly Matrox Design Assistant) and Aurora Imaging Library (formerly Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)) software to enroll in its respective maintenance program.

Aurora Imaging Lite X Download (formerly MIL-LITE X Download)
Visit the Aurora Imaging Library Support page and expand the “Download” tab and select the desired download, either a free trial or the Library Lite. If the Library Lite is selected, a form will display. Upon submission of the form, you will receive an email notification that will include a link to download the Library Lite software (Aurora Imaging Library Lite for Windows or Aurora Imaging Library Lite for Linux).

Access Released Software and Updates
Downloads previously available from the Matrox Imaging support website are now accessible from the Industrial Machine Vision And Fixed Scanners Support and Downloads page on On this page, locate the hyperlink to the software page containing the required downloads.

Enrolling in a Support and Maintenance Program
The purchase of Aurora Design Assistant (formerly Matrox Design Assistant) and Aurora Imaging Library (formerly Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)) gives registered users automatic enrollment in their software's respective maintenance program for one year. Register your software online.

*A customer's first year on the maintenance program begins from the software's original date of purchase.

Renewing Software Support
After the free year of software support expires, you can choose to extend the software support services. Beginning Monday, October 16, we are making changes to how you renew your software support.

The following information outlines the upcoming changes.

  • The DA MAINTENANCE and MIL MAINTENANCE (1-year software support renewal) SKUs that are used today to renew your software support will be replaced with Zebra OneCare (Z1C) Technical & Software Support (TSS) SKUs.
  • The Technical & Software Support (TSS) SKUs provide the same scope of software support as the former DA MAINTENANCE and MIL MAINTENANCE SKUs: Access to the Update Service, Access to Applications Development Support, and Access to Vision Academy.
  • When you order TSS, a maintenance agreement, referred to as a service contract, is entered into Zebra systems. This service contract allows us to track your entitlement for these software support services, ensuring uninterrupted access to the services you have purchased.
  • For detailed information about how to renew software support, please refer to the “Renewing Software Support” section in the Guide to Doing Business with Zebra for Matrox Imaging Products for Industrial Automation Partners or for Direct End Customers.

Vision Academy (Training)
Visit the Vision Academy page on to access hundreds of videos on Aurora Design Assistant and Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Design Assistant and Matrox Imaging Library.

Manuals and Documentation
Zebra machine vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) product manuals and documentation are published on the Industrial Machine Vision And Fixed Scanners Support and Downloads page on

Legacy Products Documentation
Matrox Imaging legacy software products and support material are available for download from the Legacy Products page on the Matrox Imaging support website.

Professional Services
For more information about machine vision (formerly Matrox Imaging) Professional Services, visit the Zebra Professional Services page or contact your Zebra sales representative.

GitHub Repositories
Click here to access the Matrox Imaging GitHub page.

Warranty Information
Effective October 16, 2023, Zebra’s product warranty is replacing the legacy Matrox Imaging warranty.

Note: The legacy Matrox Imaging warranty is applicable for Matrox Imaging products that are purchased from Matrox up until October 13, 2023.