Professional Services

Adding innovative tech is critical to your success, but it can be complex and disruptive. Professional Services help you accelerate adoption, and maximise productivity without affecting your workflows, business processes and finances.

Adding Technology And Advancing Your Operation Without Disruption

You look for a successful way to integrate new technology. We are here to help you map out your needs and prioritise what’s important by bringing your teams together to collaborate, put the tools in place to help you rapidly deploy solutions and then test them to ensure they meet your performance targets and expectations.

A Better Built Solution
A Better Built Solution

Ensure your new technology is designed, built and ready for integration into your IT landscape with maximum uptime to achieve your business goals today and in the future.

Better Employee Adoption of the Solution
Better Employee Adoption of the Solution

Give your employees the knowledge they need, when and how they need it to help deliver rapid returns on your new edge-data technology.

Better Management of the New Technology
Better Management of the New Technology

Having a full visibility of your tech suite gives you instant access to business intelligence from your devices to leverage the most from your assets and workforce to continually improve operations.

Explore Zebra Professional Services Portfolio

Zebra’s Services focus on capitalising on your technology investment, ensuring that integrated data streams drive increased revenue and deliver solid ROI. Our experts bring comprehensive, industry-focused, business-aligned solutions to support you throughout the whole transformation process and beyond, ensuring that the correct technology is selected, designed, integrated, deployed and adopted to meet the overarching business outcomes.

Discover, Design and Build

Experience and Knowledge

Team up with our consultants and designers for an in-depth assessment and workshop to create a roadmap for new technologies specialised for your operation.

  • Analyse Business Processes and Existing Infrastructure

    In-depth assessments by technical and vertical experts

  • Define Future-State Workflows

    Positive impact of edge technologies

  • Capture Current State Workflows and Infrastructure

    Clear implementation path vetted by the stakeholders

  • Document Business and Operation Challenges

    Smooth transition to new technology adoption

  • Jointly Agree to Desired Outcomes

    Measurable outcomes

Integrate and Deploy

Minimal Disruption

Move from concept to value quickly with seamless integration and swift deployment, ensuring the technology is integrated into your back-end systems and customised to meet your goals.

  • Accelerate Returns from Your Edge Data

    Reduce time to your ROI and adoption through efficient deployment from industry experts.

  • Rely on an Industry Leader

    Access to over 40 years of global expertise in different industries, know-how and innovation in connected edge devices.

  • Receive End-to-End Project Coverage from a Dedicated Team

  • Manage Deployment Through Proven and Tested Methodology

  • Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Solution

    De-risk your project with individual software integration offerings.

Train and Adopt

Customised Learning

Effective training allows you to increase the return on your investment and quickly get the best result from your Zebra technology.  Whether you want to upskill your workers with an online training class or run an in-person training workshop, we can help develop a confident, competent and adaptable workforce, across all roles and skills, and set them up for success.  From helping a technician optimise the use of a printer with preventive maintenance and troubleshooting or training a fleet of delivery drivers to be able to use their new technology competently ahead of a large implementation, our learning services span a range of offers from scheduled training classes open to all, standardised off-the-shelf classes, and fully customised learning programmes designed to support large-scale implementations or specific customer needs.

  • Scheduled Training Courses

    Want to help ensure that you minimise printer downtime and the cost and impact of repairs. Our scheduled printer maintenance classes will help your technicians understand how to get the best out of your printers and get to grips with common problems, learning alongside other students.

  • Off-the-Shelf Training Courses

    If you are looking to get started on Zebra’s hardware, software, and solutions or need a refresher, but don’t need customised training or a full programme, or want to join a scheduled class, then one of our standard off-the-shelf training classes could be for you. Learn from an experienced instructor, and benefit from Zebra’s expertise in its technologies.

  • Custom Learning

    Whether it is seasonal workers or high turnover staff, the longer it takes to train people, the more change the business will lose the benefits of any new technology or solution implementation. Tailored learning programmes or training activities ensure end user learn new concepts quickly in a way that works for them. Need your users to learn on-the-job directly from their Zebra Android mobile computer, then we can enable that too with our Video on Device and Know it Now applications.

Manage and Support

Bring Best Practises

Rely on Zebra for the administration, coordination, customised project management and on-going support you need for large-scale deployments. See returns in less time and with a greater impact on your operation.

  • Receive Assistance fro Every Aspect of Solution Management

    Fast project completion, delivered expertly end-to-end to enhance your enterprise.

  • Assure Projects are Executed Correctly and According to Best Practise

    Minimise risk to project schedules, implementation results and end-user adoption.

  • Expediate ROI and Business Outcomes with our Proven, Unique Solution-Based Methodology

Scheduled Training Classes

Looking to know more about the range of learning services on offer? Then, look no further.

Discover More Zebra Services

We understand that businesses require more than just cutting-edge hardware to operate smoothly. That's why we offer a suite of additional services to complement and enhance our products. With our services, you can gain valuable insights, optimise your workflows, and reduce your enviromental impact.

We're here to help you achieve your business goals and maximise the value of your Zebra Technologies products. Explore our services and discover how we can help you succeed.

VisibilityIQ™ Foresight
VisibilityIQ™ Foresight

Zebra's VisibilityIQ Foresight is a cloud based solution that aggregates data from MDM and other device data sources to provide you with the business intelligence you need to get the most out of your data investment.

Zebra Managed Services
Zebra Managed Services

Zebra's Managed Service delivers worry-free device management to ensure ultimate uptime for your Zebra Mobile Computers and Printers via dedicated experts.

OneCare Maintenance Plans
OneCare Maintenance Plans

Our Zebra OneCare Support and Service goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to cover it all, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

Circular Economy
Circular Economy

Zebra's Circular Economy Program helps you manage today’s challenges and plan for tomorrow with smart solutions that are good for your budget and the environment.


Consult an Expert

Our team of partners and sales associates know the ins and outs of every industry to deliver tailored solutions to customers. Let us connect you with a Zebra expert in your area to select and implement the right Zebra solution that best fit your business needs.

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Talk to a Partner
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