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Healthcare Use Case

Hospital Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Hospital Asset Tracking Solutions with Real-Time Visibility Enable Efficient Management of Critical Medical Assets

Zebra's hospital asset management system places sensors and tags on your critical medical assets and devices: patient blood bags, IV pumps, heart monitors, beds, wheelchairs and anything that influences patient outcomes or has high monetary value. Our RFID readers automatically note the location of the asset or device as it moves – providing real-time visibility into each and every item.

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Link-OS® pairs an operating system for smart Zebra devices with powerful software apps.

UDI Scan+
UDI Scan+

Zebra's UDI Scan+ software accurately captures Unique Device Identification data helping you to comply with traceability requirements in healthcare.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite
Service and Maintenance

Zebra OneCare™ Maintenance Plans

Protect your business-critical devices and eliminate disruptions and unplanned repair expenses. You'll get device uptime, confidence, and savings with Zebra OneCare™.

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