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Choosing the right Windows Tablets for your Organisation

If you’re planning to purchase rugged Windows mobile tablets for your workforce, this whitepaper is for you. In addition to a helpful criteria list to assist in the selection of the right tablet for your organisation, it explains the many competitive advantages that Zebra Windows mobile tablets provide.

Choosing the right Windows Tablets for your Organisation


When it comes to choosing a rugged Windows tablet, what criteria matters the most?

You need the right company, the right hardware — and the right software and services. You want an industry leader that you can depend on, with proven reliable technologies. An innovator that is always at the forefront, with tablets that integrate the very latest technologies to maximise product lifecycles, workflow efficiency and workforce productivity. A company that offers a broad portfolio to meet the needs of different workgroups within your organisation — plus the ability to tailor the tablets to meet the specialised needs of your workers, their workflows and their work environments. Mature software solutions that add capabilities to help you maximise the value of your devices. A company that you can count on to stand behind their products with unsurpassed services that can get your users up and running in record time and keep tablets in the hands of workers — and out of the repair depot.

Zebra delivers it all.


  • Company advantages
  • Fundamental advantages
  • Hardware advantages
  • Software advantages
  • Services advantages
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