Vision Study Series

Making Modern Warehousing a Reality: Automation, Augmentation, and Labour Planning

This instalment of Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study Series reveals how warehouse teams are leveraging advanced automation tools, augmenting human tasks with technology, and strategically planning their workforce to optimise efficiency, enhance productivity, and address the challenges of a rapidly evolving logistics landscape.

Automation, Augmentation, and Labor Planning


Today, warehouse leaders face complicated challenges, including high customer expectations, fierce market competition, and a persistent labor shortage. Some decision-makers are focusing on empowering their workers and improving their processes to stay ahead of the competition. Some are also adopting cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, and machine learning to optimize operations and increase efficiency. 

This report looks at the technologies transforming the industry, making warehouses dynamic hubs of supply chain innovation. 


  1. A universal imperative: environmental sustainability
  2. Top catalysts to automation.
  3. Tech empowerment and automation boosts employee value and morale.


Content Type

Vision Study Report

Read Time

10 minutes

  • Workforce Quest Continues: Leading Labor Challenges
  • Human-Centric Automation Ascends
  • Shared Tech Workplace Wishlist                          



of decision-makers agree providing frontline workers with tech is a top priority.



of warehouse associates state feeling more empowered with access to technology and automation.

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