Maikubo Increases Staff Efficiency with Zebra Technologies’ RFID Solution

RFID enables AI Academy to achieve faster, more accurate asset tagging and management of its training equipment

SHANGHAI, China – May 7, 2020 – Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the edge of the enterprise with solutions and partners that enable businesses to gain a performance edge, today announced that Maikubo Artificial Intelligence (AI) Academy has adopted Zebra’s RFID solutions to achieve faster, more accurate asset tagging and management of its training equipment, which has saved staff time, improved accuracy and visibility along with enhanced staff efficiency. 

Maikubo is an institute of integrated education that provides AI training along with a technology incubator and teaching mode products. Led by AI experts, IT academics and professionals from leading organizations, Maikubo integrates academic research with industry experience to further enhance AI technology.

Maikubo’s staff previously managed its assets manually to track status updates and audit training equipment. The manual process was labor intensive, time-consuming and prone to human errors. The deployment of Zebra’s ZT400 series RFID printer and MC3190-Z UHF RFID reader helped Maikubo to  significantly reduce the mistakes made and the time spent on asset tracking. This allows the academy to re-deploy more of their staff’s time to focus on educational activities.

Maikubo worked with Zebra PartnerConnect channel partner, Qianyu Info-Tech Co. which provided overall support from the preliminary research to identify the right solution to the technology deployment.

“The unique ability of the ZT400 series RFID printer to print on metallic surfaces enables us to print thicker RFID tags faster, while maintaining RFID reader performance,” said Xinfei Shen, Chief Administrative Office, Maikubo AI Academy. “Compared to traditional asset tags, RFID tags allow changes to be made to the data stored on the labels, which makes tagging more flexible and hassle-free.”

“The MC3190-Z UHF RFID reader improves our asset auditing efficiency by reducing the time required to audit our training equipment. For instance, the auditing of about 1,000 units of our training equipment which would have required about 20 staff members can now be completed by just one person when equipped with the right tools,” added Shen.

ebra’s MC3190-Z UHF RFID reader features an advanced, highly efficient RFID reader engine for faster read rates and higher throughput. Its design offers high versatility for faster, more accurate reads. The pairing of the two RFID-enabled devices has empowered Maikubo with increased visibility and accuracy to manage its assets. 

“The augmentation of staff with RFID-enabled devices will continue to trend upward. RFID is a powerful tool that converts physical materials into digital assets that are easy to track in a facility in real time,” said Winston Wu, RFID Specialist, Zebra Technologies Greater China. “Organizations like Maikubo can use RFID to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of their business activity for maximum visibility into their enterprise assets, while improving efficiency and accuracy at the same time.”


  • Zebra’s RFID solution optimizes Maikubo AI Academy’s asset management effort to achieve faster and more accurate asset tagging and management, resulting in greater time-savings, less errors and enhanced staff efficiency.
  • The pairing of Zebra’s ZT400 series RFID printer and MC3190-Z UHF RFID reader helps Maikubo’s staff better manage its training equipment.
  • Zebra’s RFID solution turns physical materials into digital assets for easy tracking to help organizations manage critical information, driving maximum visibility into their enterprise assets.




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