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Mobile Computer Software

Workcloud Communication: Profile Manager Support

Workforce Connect has been rebranded into Workcloud Communication.

Connect your entire workcloud with Zebra’s Workcloud Communication Profile Manager Solution via Zebra-Hosted Cloud environment that interoperates with Zebra Voice and/or push-to-talk services (sold separately). Workers inside or outside the four walls depend on their Mobile Devices for real-time access to business applications. To maximize productivity, your workcloud needs to be able to reach co-workers, customers, supervisors, remote experts and more. Profile Manager connects to customer data services in the cloud, authenticates, automates, and enables multiple user role selection for dynamic line extensions or push-to-talk groups on a shared device.

Refer to the Workcloud Communication Provisioning Manager documentation for information regarding the configuration of Zebra PTT Pro, Zebra Voice, and the Profile Client.

Workcloud Communication software is accessed and managed through the Zebra Licensing Portal.

From 3rd Aug 2023, Android 8 will be the minimum supported OS for Workcloud Communication Profile Client. We highly recommend that customers keep up to date with the latest OS updates and WFC client versions in order to leverage the features from latest releases.


Software that is essential for operating and connecting this device. 

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Installation Requirements

Workcloud Communication is a licensed software-as-a-service product. Contact your Zebra or Zebra partner account representative to discuss software licensing.

Please refer to the release notes.


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