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Printer and Print Engine Accessories

Platen Rollers

A platen roller is a vital printer component that helps create the optimum amount of pressure to drive labels through the printer, ensuring clean and crisp printouts. Zebra platen rollers and platen roller repairs kits will help ensure continued top-notch printer performance and avoid costly downtime. A worn or damaged platen roller should be replaced or repaired immediately.

Platen Rollers for Zebra Printers

Replace your worn platen roller to maintain a smooth and even printing surface.

For specific part numbers based on printer model, please refer to the following URL:

Printer Parts

Compatible with:

All Zebra Printers

ZE500 Platten Roller

A replacement platen roller kit designed for your ZE500 printer ensures uninterrupted printing and optimal print quality.

Compatible with:

ZE500 Print Engines

HC100 Patient I.D. Solution Platen Roller

Count on superior printing with your HC100 Patient I.D. Solution with a platen roller kit designed to maintain optimal performance of your printer.

Compatible with:

HC100 Wristband Printer

2-Inch LP/TLP Series Platen Roller

Assure your LP 2824 and TLP 2824 printers are always performing with a set of 3 platen rollers. A well-maintained platen roller ensures an even surface for printing.

Compatible with:

LP 2824 Plus Desktop Printer, TLP 2824Plus Desktop Printer, LP 2824, TLP 2824

4-Inch LP/TLP Series Platen Roller

Replace worn platen rollers to always maintain a smooth and even printing surface. This three pack of replacement platen rollers are for your LP 2844 and TLP 2844 printers.

Compatible with:

GX420t Desktop Printer, GX420d Desktop Printer, GX430t Desktop Printer, GK420t Desktop Printer, GK420d Desktop Printer