The Rise of the Connected Factory: Charting Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation
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The Rise of the Connected Factory: Charting Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation

Explore the transformation of manufacturing with our comprehensive study on connected factories. Discover key trends and insights from C-suite, IT, and OT leaders and the impact of digital strategies on efficiency, agility, and scalability. Learn how advances in technology and automation are shaping a new era of manufacturing excellence. 

The Rise of the Connected Factory: Charting Manufacturing’s Digital Transformation


Step into the future of manufacturing with our in-depth analysis of connected factories. Unlock the secrets from decision-makers across C-Suite, IT, and OT responsible for evolving production technologies and systems. Uncover the challenges these leaders face, the pressures to enhance operational efficiency, and the technologies poised to maximize precision, forecast trends, and enable real-time decision-making. 


  1. Discover the latest trends driving the rise of connected factories and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  2. Identify the primary challenges faced by manufacturers in implementing and scaling digital transformation strategies.
  3. Analyze insights from industry leaders in the C-Suite, IT, and OT on the pivotal role of digital tools in reshaping the factory floor.
  4. Examine the future of manufacturing technology, focusing on innovations likely to redefine efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.
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Vision Study Report
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6-9 minutes

  • Impact of digital transformation on manufacturing quality and efficiency.
  • Challenges of integrating advanced technologies in traditional manufacturing settings.
  • Role of technology in enhancing data-driven decision-making and operational visibility.
  • Impact of augmented workforce technologies on productivity and worker safety.
  • Future outlook on the adoption of AI and predictive analytics in manufacturing processes.



of manufacturers agree IT and OT need to work together more on strategic and development plans for digital transformation and automation.



of respondents report IT/OT convergence helps organizations save money and resources by using data to improve the operations of their factories and machines.



of respondents agree IT is focused on data and communication, and OT is focused on behaviors and outcomes, resulting in data silos.

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