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Beyond the Basket: What Shoppers Really Want in Their Retail Experiences

Go deeper into the results from Zebra's 16th Annual Global Shopper Study Series with this dedicated report representing the voice, preferences and insights of shoppers. 

Beyond the Basket: What Shoppers Really Want in Their Retail Experiences


Shopper expectations and habits have transformed and evolved as their digital and physical interactions blur and become equally important. Discover how satisfied shoppers are with their experiences, what's driving their shopping channel decisions, their preferences and challenges, and most importantly expectations for making their visit seamless and enjoyable.



  1. Discover the digital and physical shopping habits of customers.
  2. Learn about shoppers' desire to shop in-store and the technology that's enhancing their visit and the concerns about service.
  3. Explore shoppers' different paths and preferences for purchasing and consider why an omnichannel strategy is a critical move for retailers.
  4. Get an inside view of shoppers' expectations for retailers' technology stack.


Content Type
Vision Study Report
Read Time

6-9 minutes

  • The blurring of lines between in-store and online shopping, how synergies are so important.
  • Applications and technology that enrich shoppers' experiences on the retail floor.
  • Shoppers' path to purchase is not always a straight line, why an omnichannel strategy is so critical for retailers.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technology personalizing the customer experience.



of shoppers consider the ability to see, touch or try products as an important aspect of the shopping experience.



of shoppers prefer retailers that let them pick up their items in-store, at curbside / another location — 9% increase YoY.



of consumers believe artificial intelligence will improve the shopping experience.

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