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By Your Edge Blog Team | July 15, 2022

Not Satisfied with the Status Quo, Trade Fair Company Seeks Technology That Can Improve Communications Connectivity and Reduce On-the-Job Stress for Globe-Trotting Event Planners

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH equipped its teams with Android® mobile computers to manage day-to-day operations.

If you have ever hosted a party, you know it takes a lot of planning, preparation and execution. If you can handle the stress, you just might enjoy your own shindig! Well, the teams at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH realized that if they wanted to enjoy the dozens of large-scale events they organize and host each year, they needed to find a way to make the experience a little less stressful. 

Enter mobile technology.

Messe, one of Germany’s most successful trade fair companies, has been using Zebra mobile printers for more than 15 years to print receipts, barcoded deposit slips, passes and exhibit labels. So, when company leaders decided to look for mobile computing devices that could keep event planners connected while traveling across the show floor – and the globe – they turned to Zebra as they already trusted our technology and support.

Messe equipped its teams with Zebra Android™ TC5x Series Mobile Computers, along with a wide range of Zebra accessories. Event staff now have seamless access to real-time information as they move about indoor and outdoor areas of each trade fair facility, meeting and greeting people from all over the world. 

“The reliable Zebra technology ensures we can efficiently control the high volume of traffic on our site,” says Peter Linnenweber, Deputy Head of Information Technology, Messe. “The performance and stable operation of the devices are key to delivering effective mobile processes at the trade fair, and so they contribute to customer satisfaction and the success of our events.”

Read the full story to learn how these mobile computers help Messe admit visitors, process vehicle registrations, handle daily billing and much more. 

German Trade Fair Company Improves Roaming Connectivity Across Its Site

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