A Zebra ZD400 Series desktop printer installed at one of the new decentralized label printing stations in OmegaFlex's manufacturing facility.
By Your Edge Blog Team | August 30, 2022

One Small Change Helped This Manufacturer Say Goodbye to Logjams, Hello to Efficiency and Better Productivity

International producer of flexible metallic piping products improves quality testing process with the help of Zebra printers.

OmegaFlex produces a variety of proprietary metallic piping products for a range of industries and applications. As you probably guessed, quality control is an important part of the business. In fact, OmegaFlex conducts tests on all its products to make sure there are no defects or leaks. Line operators print labels for everything they plan to test, sometimes up to 30 at a time. Sounds straightforward enough, but there was one slight problem.

Much like the situation at your favorite theme park, OmegaFlex operators had to wait their turn in line to use a centralized printer. Instead of encouraging people to cut the line, we helped eliminate lines by providing 12 of our ZD400 Series desktop printers to the manufacturer. These printers were installed at separate stations in conjunction with pressure decay testers, which include a human-machine interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), along with special software that interfaces with the HMI to generate testing-specific labels. These standalone workstations have provided immediate benefits for OmegaFlex. Quality testing speeds have improved, supervisors spend less time scanning paperwork for errors and the long lines are gone!  

Read the full story now to learn how our printers worked seamlessly with components from other companies to increase productivity and accuracy for OmegaFlex.

Flexible Metal Hose Producer Eliminates Logjams, Improves Quality Testing with Zebra Printers

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