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By Your Edge Blog Team | July 18, 2022

It’s Like Unlimited Drink Refills, Except for Printheads.

Alliance Entertainment sees substantial savings with Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program.

If you are a music or movie fan, you’ve probably bought a product with ties to Alliance Entertainment. The company distributes CDs, vinyl records, DVDs, and video games to your favorite independent music or video store. The fun doesn’t stop there; Alliance also ships toys, collectibles and consumer electronics. 

With a distribution center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Alliance ships to sellers all over the world. As you can guess, this requires a lot of labels and a lot of printing. Fortunately, we have been able to help Alliance save money to the tune of about $80,000 a year. How, you ask? Once upon a time, Alliance handled its own printer maintenance which led to devices being out of service for a week or two. The company also used supplies that weren’t pre-tested for image quality, durability, or premature printhead failure.

We were able to connect with Alliance and offer a single-source solution for its printing needs. We provided onsite printer tech support, and Alliance purchased our Printhead Protection Program, a perk of Certified Supplies, which offers unlimited printhead replacement for the life of the device!   

Read the full story to learn why one senior IT manager wished the company would have turned to Zebra sooner.  

Top Distributor of Music, Movies and Consumer Electronics Saves Money with Zebra’s Printing Services

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