Zebra Technologies RFID Solution Helps Renault Modernize Manufacturing Operations and Increase Productivity

Leading automobile manufacturer transforms its Argentinian manufacturing plant into a smart factory

ARGENTINA – April 28, 2021 – Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA), an innovator at the front line of business with solutions and partners that deliver a performance edge, today announced that Renault, a leading global automobile manufacturer, selected Zebra’s RFID solution to increase operational efficiency and improve the traceability of finished cars from the production plant to dealerships. The solution has enabled Renault’s Argentina manufacturing facility to increase productivity by 50% and reduce shipping process errors by 10%. 

During its 65-year history in Argentina, Renault has earned a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality cars so it was a natural fit to select Zebra’s industry leading RFID technology to support its Industry 4.0 transformation driving its “smart factory” operation in Santa Isabel. Renault chose an integrated RFID solution comprised of Zebra’s MC3300-R mobile computers, FX9600 readers and ZT400 printers which has led to new automated processes and increased inventory visibility.

Renault worked with Zebra PartnerConnect Premier channel partner, Efalcom, who provided support from the preliminary research to identifying the right solution to its actual deployment.

“The implementation of Zebra’s RFID solution has enabled us to efficiently redistribute our workers’ efforts to more high-value business activities,” said Agustin Padovano, Supply Chain manager of Renault Argentina. “Zebra’s innovative solutions have helped us improve the visibility of our finished products and allowed us to make timely, impactful decisions which have increased our efficiency and profitability while delivering superior customer service.”

With its increased supply chain visibility, Renault’s plant workers can access real-time information and accurate data about vehicle location to help reduce time and resources spent searching for cars. The Zebra RFID implementation is also driving accurate traceability from the factory to Renault’s in-store operations, making it easier to coordinate the washing, inspection, and delivery of cars.

“The digital automation of the manufacturing sector is proving to be a transformative moment for the automotive industry in Latin America,” said Alejandro Prosperi, Sales Director of Zebra Technologies Argentina. “Zebra is supporting Renault and the sector’s Industry 4.0 initiatives with cutting-edge RFID solutions that automate operations, increase worker productivity, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.”  


  • Renault Argentina is using Zebra’s RFID solution, increasing inventory visibility and the traceability of cars from the production plant to dealerships.
  • Zebra’s RFID solution helped Renault reduce shipping process errors by 10% and increase productivity by 50%, enabling the company to redirect workers to higher value tasks.
  • Zebra MC3300-R mobile computers, FX9600 readers and ZT400 printers empower Renault’s workers with real-time vehicle information, enabling them to spend less time searching for cars and making it easier to track the washing, inspection, and delivery process.




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