Global Shopper Study

The World Has Changed—Have Retailers?

With our 15th Annual Global Shopper Study, one thing is clear: Retail is always changing. Get the latest insights on evolving shopper behaviors, associate perspectives and where retail decision makers are placing their investment bets to meet shopper expectations in today's modern store.

15th Annual Global Shopper Study


Consumers are back in stores, but they have more expectations. Whether adopting self-service technologies, enabling shopping and returns across channels, empowering associates, or improving inventory management to keep items on shelves, today’s retailers need help to provide the modern store customers want.

Read Zebra’s 15th Annual Global Shopper Study to learn why this is a critical moment in retail transformation. 


Content Type
Vision Study 
Read Time

6-9 minutes




of decision-makers agree technology helps associates provide better customer experiences. Which digital innovation are they investing in?



of shoppers report improved satisfaction with associates since the survey began 15 years ago. What else has changed?



of shoppers say they are visiting physical stores as often as they did before the pandemic, but they’re bringing new expectations along with them. Read the study to learn more!


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