What is the difference between Multi-Modal and Voice-Directed Picking?

How Does Multi-modal Differ from Voice-directed Solutions?

Multi-modal solutions provide users with multiple modes of interacting with a system, whereas a voice-directed system allows one voice-directed mode.

Thus multi-modal allows users to select the modes they find most efficient. For example, users can opt to listen to voice-only direction, view text-on-screen direction — or both. In a multi-modal speech-directed workflow, users can take a picture of their work process and submit a report, allowing supervisors to respond immediately with next-step instructions. With voice-directed activity, workers can still capture barcodes, RFID tags, photos, and print labels. However, they can only submit a single report; therefore, supervisors cannot respond immediately and must walk to the warehouse floor to assess damage in person to determine the next steps.

Due to the additional multi-modal capabilities, manufacturers, suppliers, and businesses are starting to implement multi-modal solutions within their warehouses.

Should I Implement Multi-modal Solutions in My Warehouse?

Whether you have a distribution center that specializes in high velocity picking, or a warehouse full of pallets and cases, multi-modal picking allows you to benefit from both speed and accuracy in either situation. Using the power of voice, scanning and visual cues, workers can perform hands-free tasks and dramatically increase speed without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, workers can receive a response from their supervisors within minutes. The section below will walk you through a wide range of benefits that could be available to you upon implementing multi-modal solutions in your warehouse.

Next-Generation Voice Recognition Engine

As the multi-modal solution’s primary function is to deliver unprecedented speech recognition capability, the incorporated recognition software must be best-in-class. This ensures that the system can accurately transcribe spoken words, and enable seamless voice commands, transcription services, voice-controlled applications and more, ultimately enhancing user experience and revolutionizing the way humans interact with technology.

Real-Time Dynamic Vocabulary for Lightning Fast Response Times and Highest Voice Recognition Accuracy

This Zebra-only feature delivers unparalleled performance by enabling the creation of dynamic vocabularies on the fly. For example, when a worker logs on and states the work zone for the day, the vocabulary that the user requires for that day is created on the fly. Spoken words are then compared to a small set of words instead of the complete library.

Controllable Text-to-Speech Speed Shaves Seconds off Workflows

Zebra’s multi-modal solutions enable you to increase the speed of assessing non-relevant words in a prompt for faster delivery of the relevant information workers need to execute the task.

Incorporate Multiple Languages Within a Single Prompt

Unique to Zebra, this feature allows a workflow in one language to accommodate the name of an item in another language. For example, a workflow in English can accommodate a Spanish book title.

Powerful Mobile Device Remote Control for Training and Support

Provide warehouse supervisors with virtual-reality style visibility and control of any worker’s Zebra Android mobile device. Supervisors can listen to the audio of system prompts and user responses, view text-on-screen information and perform data entry for trainees. This feature is device agnostic, allowing supervisors to use any supported Zebra mobile computer to remotely control different models.

Flexible Mobile Computer Choices

Different types of workgroups need different types of devices to optimize daily performance. That is why Zebra's multi-modal solutions provide you with a greater range of personalization options. You simply create your multi-modal application once and the software can run on any supported Zebra Android mobile computer, regardless of display size differences — from handhelds and wearables to gun-style devices.

Integrates Easily with Your Existing Applications

Incorporate the data your workers need from any backend application, including your Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application. There are three flexible ways to connect: direct, via a connector to simplify integration and provide exhaustive logging information, and VoiceXML — the latest host integration method.

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