What Are Fixed Industrial Scanners?

What Is Fixed Industrial Scanning?

Supply chain efficiencies have never been more integral to business success. Shoppers purchasing goods anywhere and anytime with ever-increasing expectations for faster delivery put tremendous pressure on manufacturing and distribution operations to create and move more goods, faster than ever. And with Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision solutions, you can.

Zebra’s line of Fixed Industrial Scanners is built from the ground up to adapt to new business needs and changing customer demands. Today, you may only need to capture 1D and 2D barcodes, however, you may need to capture Direct Part Marks or OCR text-based information; this is where Fixed Industrial Scanners help. Superior optics and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology work together to deliver the reliable data capture you need to keep your operations running at peak capacity. The optical system enables the simultaneous capture of multiple barcodes, extends read ranges and focal distances and allows a larger field of view to capture more information with less equipment. Choose the configuration that supports the codes that drive your business processes today, knowing that you can add functionality to meet the data capture needs of tomorrow. Easily add support for new barcodes symbologies and increased scanning speed to meet new business needs, all with the simple purchase of a software license.

How Do Fixed Industrial Scanners Work?


With a slim profile, the FS10 easily fits everywhere you need to scan. Just plug the FS10 into the USB port of a workstation, laptop, tablet or any other host devices to dependably capture barcode data, from assembly to storage and fulfillment. With built-in camera status LEDs – Power, Decode and Online/Run - workers can see at a glance if a decode was successful or unsuccessful, protecting product quality and traceability – and whether cameras are operational or in need of attention.


With the FS20, it’s easy to track and trace every item as it moves through production, storage and fulfillment. Scan barcodes on components moving through your assembly line to ensure the right part is used at the right time – and enable rapid targeted recalls of products that contain defective parts. The IoT-ready FS20 can send images to Zebra’s subscription-based cloud service, Zebra Savanna – or any other cloud service – allowing you to meet industry regulations or store images for further analysis, all without the need to purchase and manage servers. Also, with the FS20 having support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), this eliminates the cost of power drops and power supplies.


The FS40 easily keeps pace with the fastest moving operations, enabling track-and-trace through the automatic and flawless decode of information on every part and package as it moves through production, storage and fulfillment – capturing even the most challenging barcodes. Also, the FS40 gives you flexibility with USB-C capability. USB-C allows you to power your camera with a single cable and provides limitless accessory options allowing you to integrate with other Zebra devices such as a printer or tablet. Similar to the FS20, the FS40 also utilizes PoE technology to reduce setup complexity and cost of power drops and power supplies.


The FS70 is your configurable and customizable solution that easily keeps pace with your business, enabling quality control and track-and-trace of every part and package as it moves through production, storage and fulfillment. Whether you need a high-powered lens to read a very small barcode from long distance, or a wide-angle lens to capture barcodes on extremely large parts, the FS70 addresses it all. C-mount external lenses allow you to achieve the working range and field of view your application and environment requires. Along with the C-mount, the FS70 also utilizes PoE technology and is IoT-ready.

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Industrial Scanning?

When exploring Fixed Industrial Scanners, it’s important to know what benefits can come to your business by implementing this solution. First, Fixed Industrial Scanners bring simplicity to your business operations through its intuitive, modern interface that is simple enough for beginners, while experienced users appreciate one-click access to practically every tool and a substantial reduction in steps to execute practically any process. Secondly, if your needs change down the road, you may need to buy a new device. When implementing Fixed Industrials Scanners into your operations, you can get the features you need to extend the lifecycle of the device as the needs change. Lastly, with PRZM Intelligent Imaging, you’ll get first-time every time dependable scanning that can capture 1D and 2D barcodes whether they are damaged, dirty or on a fast-moving conveyor belt.

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