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Companion Scanners

CS60 and CS60-HC Series Companion Scanner Support


CS60, CS60-HC

Zebra CS60 scanner, Zebra CS60-HC scanner

CS60 (Left) and CS60-HC (Right)

The Setup guidelines below will take you to English documentation. You can access the localized User Guides in the MANUALS section.

 Confirm that you have the following equipment.

  • CS6080 scanner
  • CR6080-SC Cradle 
  • Zebra proprietary USB-C to USB-A cable
  • (Other host interfaces setup are described in the CS6080 Companion Scanner Product Reference Guide (for example,  Keyboard Wedge Interface)

First Time Connection steps

1.    Connect the USB-C end of the USB cable to the CR6080 cradle.

2.    Connect USB-A end of the cable to your computer USB port. 

3.    Confirm that the CR6080 cradle has a Green LED indicating power.

4.    Press the CS6080 trigger and confirm a scan beam is present.

Note: It is recommended to fully charge the CS6080 battery before first use

5.    Scan Return to Factory Defaults programming barcode from the CS6080 Quick Start Guide.

Note: When scanning a programming barcode from a screen/monitor, increase magnification to a minimum of 125%. This will ensure good barcode quality for a successful scan.

6.      To pair the CS6080 scanner with the CR6080 cradle, insert the scanner in the cradle or scan the pairing bar code. See Pairing Methods

*A high/low/high/low/beep sequence indicates that the pairing bar code was decoded. When a connection between the cradle and digital scanner is established, a low/high beep sound.

7.    To test sending a barcode, open a text document in an application such as Microsoft Word or Notepad.

Ensure that you can type into the text document using your keyboard.

Scan a product barcode.

8.    The scanned barcode will be displayed in the text document.

Keyboard Language (Country Code) Information

If Windows is configured for a region’s local keyboard and does not use an English keyboard layout, transferred barcode data may appear inaccurate.

Identify the language Windows uses and scan a compatible keyboard language configuration barcode (country code) USB Country Keyboard Types (Country Codes)

Consult the CS6080 Scanner Product Reference Guide (or available language copy) for additional scanner setup information.


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